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Modern telecommunications networks consist of multiple components, located on different locations in the area of the network. Those components allow us to access their state information and data over the network.
With combination of spatial and analytical data from network equiptment, more efficient troubleshooting, data analysis and overview can be achieved.
We are offering you a GIS solution which can be modified and adapted to your needs and network, including the equipment which is in the network. That way, we can deliver you supervision of your network in the domain of time, as well as in domain of space. Using Elgis MAP solution, centralized access to data, avaliable in different elements of the network is avaliable: like connections (for example health of connections), points (for example health of nodes), schemes of the network, network traffic schemes and patterns, and more. That way, transparent analysis of large amounts of data is achieved.

GIS software for networks

  • Integration of different types of information and data
  • Solution can be hosted or managed on you architecture
  • Web interfaces
  • Customizable user access levels (different types of data can be avaliable for different users)
  • Integration with CRM systems

Multiple access levels Integration with ISP's IT systems Good value network provisioning Web base user interface Hosted on your server or in the cloud


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