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Elgis Pro is a system for provisioning of (Euro)DOCSIS compatible systems, MTA devices and optical CPE devices. The main driver behind the development of the system is to provide optimal stability of the systems operations on one hand, and maximal compatibility and connectivity with other CRM and ERP solutions.

Network provisioning software

  • Modular structure
  • eMTA SIP / MGCP VoIP support
  • Supports multiple vendors of FTTH CPE devices
  • Multiple flexible access levels for different types of users
  • Integration with other ELGIS solutions
  • Automatic synchronization with backup server to provide undisrupted function in case of failiures
  • Flexible pricing and adaption to customer's needs
  • Web based user interface
VoIP support Modular provisioning system Adaptive provisioning Multiple access levels Integration with ISP's IT systems Good value network provisioning Web base user interface

The solution is very appropriate for smaller and medium-sized operators of optical networks or cable networks, as well as for cable operators who want to transform their network to provide Internet services to customers.

The main advantages of the system are very friendly pricing model operators of different sizes, high quality customer support you can expect from Elmitel, and the ability for customized functionalities or custom integration with other operator's information systems in order to provide maximum fit of the provisioning system for customer.

With broad experience in cable and optical networks field and tested provisioning system platform, our goal is to provide you with the best fit of provisioning solution for your network, budget, your other business IT systems, as well as to provide you with high quality, consistent support in your network which may provide Data, TV and VoIP services and more.


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